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Welcome to our page about AEG fridge freezers manufacturer. Incisive profile through commitment to German brand heritage and to Electrolux, the world's leading domestic appliance manufacturer. AEG Fridge Freezer appliances are quality and great value from money.

AEG, manufacturer of American style fridge freezers, having been a part of the world's largest domestic appliance group, Electrolux AB (with its registered office in Stockholm) since 1994, is continuing to develop its prominent market position for domestic appliances. Around two years ago, Electrolux began to strategically develop the AEG brand, which is clearly expressed by the new slogan: Perfect in form and function. Electrolux is using this slogan to propel its German premium brand, focusing on performance and quality-oriented consumers.

As a direct result of its comprehensive revision in 2003, the AEG brand is exhibiting more profile by consciously invoking the values that have developed since its foundation in 1889: Technical fascination, quality, longevity and a clear, structured design. Using these strong values, which are based on extensive consumer studies, AEG is presenting itself throughout Europe as a top brand for sophisticated, performance-oriented consumers. Visit AEG Fridge Freezers

July 23, 2024
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